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Episode #33 ::: Stuck Off The Realness — A Tribute to Prodigy

  • If you can imagine what James Brown is to sample based music then you know what Mobb Deep is to Hip Hop scratch hooks. Their resounding mark on deejay culture is undeniable. Today Hip Hop lost one of its most iconic voices. Prodigy was synonymous with the distinctive Queens Bridge sound and gave us what's arguably the defining song (Shook Ones II) of that mid to late 90's East New York hardcore street style. We were stuck off the realness. RIP Dunn.

Episode #32 ::: Jazz Standards & Practices


After a few episodes running this format I decided to quit avoiding the standard classics and run some tunes that are fun to talk about. I had a lot of fun talkiing about Duke Ellington's 1956 Newport performance. Think of this as Jazz 101.


John Coltrane - Blue Train

Duke Ellington & John Coltrane - In a Sentimental Mood

Duke Ellington - Diminuendo in Blue and Crescendo in Blue (live at Newport 1956)


The Horace Silver Quintet - Song For My Father

Miles Davis - Frelon Brun

Dave Brubeck - Take Five

Sonny Rollins - St. Thomas 


Charles Mingus - Original Faubus Fables 

Episode #31 ::: Put Respek On My Jazz Pt 3


Spring time pushes a button with me. Right as Jazz stepped back into the spotlight on my day to day playlist I was reminded that it was at exactly this time last year that I recorded two Jazz mixshow editions of the podcast. It felt like the time has come around for another. And as there seems to be something in the air I was all about pairs on this episode piecing together two blocks of complimenting musicians. I think it will be pretty evident why.

Charlie Parker - Bloomdido

Charlie Parker - Cool Blues

Sonny Rollins - Grand Street

Sonny Rollins - Keep Hold Of Yourself


Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - D’s Dilemma

Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers -  Along Came Betty

Freddie Hubbard - On the QUE-TEE

Freddie Hubbard - Bob’s Place

Shades Of What Happened Before ::: Royal Rumble 2017 ft Michael Culpepper


DJ Wigs and Michael Culpepper break down the 2017 Royal Rumble and what this means for the Road to Wrestlemania.

Episode #30 ::: 2016 Wrap Up ft Modifi & SAMDAY


The Nashville chapter of the almighty Good Guy Collective asembles to pick apart their favorite albums of 2016.

Shades Of What Happened Before ::: Roadblock - End Of The Line


DJ Wigs rolls solo and breaks down the Roadblock: End of the Line card glowing over the Iron Woman match, lamenting Roman Reigns' place on the card and Sami Zayn's booking, and discussing whether or not there is such a thing as a "big four" ppv anymore.

Shades Of What Happened Before ::: TLC 2016 ft Michael Culpepper


DJ Wigs and special guest Michael Culpepper recap the 2016 TLC pay-per-view speaking on the best matches of the night, where NXT is beating the TV roster, and why the two of them should be booking the whole territory. This is a great candid two hour discussion that has plenty of laugh out loud moments.

Episode #29 ::: FRZY


The HeavyWeight Crate podcast takes a new direction into a talk based format and the first episode of the new era features Pittsburgh's FRZY as he breaks down his major label debut album God King Slave, his early beginnings with name brand deejays, and why he wants to be your favorite rapper.

Shades of What Happened Before ::: Survivor Series 2016


DJ Wigs and Modifi bemoan the main event of this year's Survivor Series and break down the rest of the card. As per usual, Modifi is bringing hot takes like hot cakes.

Shades of What Happened Before ::: Clash Of Champions 2016


The boys break down the Clash of Champions card deciding where this leaves Raw within the WWE universe and Modifi cuts a heel promo on the Cruiserweight division and declares himself a Machka Man.